Philippe Poggianti

Leader Pre-sales Support, Wireless Networks at Alcatel-Lucent

Class of 2011

"The epiphany I had in Innovation class is that innovation is not purely technological breakthrough. Innovation can - and should - be in everything the company does business. I am glad to apply these skills and more importantly this mindset in my daily work, when supporting my teams around the world."

The TIEMBA is designed to address your development from a number of angles; validating and expanding what you have learned on the job, offering new perspectives, strengthening your foundation to push forward and elevating your leadership skills. Our diverse faculty will expose you to the latest business concepts from both the Eastern and Western schools of thought. The teaching will test your assumptions and beliefs. Your classmates will challenge your current practices.

Managerial Competence

As you begin encountering increasingly broad business issues, you will need to develop an organisation-wide approach to problem solving. To introduce you to a more integrated view of business, the TIEMBA programme encompasses:

  • Mastery of business skills outside your discipline
  • Development of a holistic approach to decision-making and problem solving
  • Strengthening of interpersonal and teamwork skills, particularly in a global context

Global Mindset

Building on Tsinghua's and INSEAD's rich international culture, the TIEMBA supports a keen awareness of economic, social and political trends while encouraging curiosity and cultural sensitivity. To help you develop skills and confidence in a truly global context, the TIEMBA programme focuses on:

  • Embracing diversity and cultural exchange as a means to a greater understanding of the business landscape
  • Understanding economic, social and political trends, and their relevance to doing business across borders
  • Fostering consciousness of socio-economic issues and social responsibility

Leadership & Personal Development

It is the role of leaders to turn a group of disconnected people into a strong, motivated, mobilised team. The TIEMBA employs a keen focus on:

  • Developing your interpersonal skills, equipping you to motivate and guide your teams
  • Preparing you for managing, embracing and even encouraging change and new challenges
  • Instilling in you the confidence of a rising business leader

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