Nico Ranke

CFO/Director Finance and Administration at BMW Russland Trading OOO

Class of 2012

"The international environment created by students and professors gave me deeper insight into the success factors of doing business in Asia. The most memorable lectures were on Organizational Behaviour, which led to very interesting and active class discussions that covered areas such as Corporate Finance, Innovation and Leadership in Asia."

Alumni Yunfeng Li selected as Top 100 Excellent Ethnic Chinese Leaders Worldwide

34 years of age, one of the top 100 Excellent Ethnic Chinese Leaders of the world, a young man who has made his mark in the business of global marine transportation where young leaders only account for 2%. He is Yunfeng Li, President of Marco Polo Marine Ltd. of Singapore, alumni of class 2011 of Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA.

The story of Yunfeng Li has been selected into "Honor Award-Achievements and Contribution of Top 100 Excellent Ethnic Chinese Leaders" published by Development Research Center of the State Council of China, winning much applause not only for himself, but also for Tsinghua International EMBA.

Growth: from a supportive role in family business to a large listed company

Marco Polo Shipping Co.Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in year 1991 to support the family business in terms of logistics. In the same year, the 14 years old Yunfeng Li was just starting his study in Australia. 12 years later, when Yunfeng took over the shipping business in 2003, Marco Polo had only 6 ships. Acutely sensing the necessity of shipbuilding in a time when economy of Southeast Asia was about to recover, Yunfeng seized this opportunity and grew the company by purchasing more ships and founding Marco Polo Shipyard in Indonesia. To set up the first shipyard in a foreign location was a hard and challenging task. But it later proved to be a milestone that enabled Yunfeng to map out the entire business chain. In 2007, Marco Polo possessed over 20 ships and became listed at the Stock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation, and later changed to Mainboard in 2009. Young as he was, Yunfeng achieved the marvelous transformation of Marco Polo through determination and persistence.

Trial: wisdom testified by risk and hardship

Marco Polo has been moving ahead without hesitation, but not without adversity. It is its risk resistance capacity that has guaranteed its smooth and vigorous growth, according to Yunfeng Li. And the core of such capacity lies in its diversified but highly relevant business lines, a result of Yunfeng's effort to cover the entire chain by product differentiation.

When the business of ship building was severely affected by the economic crisis of 2008, Marco Polo achieved healthy financial performance due to growing demand for ship chartering, This in turn laid a firm foundation for the growth of ship building sector when economy started to recover. The win-win product strategy and scientific management system together contributed to the expansion of Marco Polo.

Dream: global market to be conquered

"Rooted in Southeast Asia, and looking into the world". This is how Yunfeng describes his dream for Marco Polo. His ambition is to see ships of Marco Polo on every ocean of the world. In 2011, he was granted dual degree by Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA Program. After two years of study, he found his dream clearer and his determination stronger.

Yunfeng especially enjoyed courses imparting West-plus-East wisdom, and treasured the chances of exchange between classmates of different cultural backgrounds. He assigned himself the task to give play to the advantages of each person. Meanwhile, he seized the opportunity of studying at Tsinghua, and to learn about China as much as he could, wishing to introduce Marco Polo to China where he saw unprecedented opportunity.

When asked to talk about success, Yunfeng Li prefers to look ahead rather than contenting himself with present achievements. Diligent and optimistic, he is the young steersman with a dream to explore the world. He appreciates the chance to make friends and learn from each other at Tsinghua-IMSEAD EMBA Program. And he holds high expectation for the future, confident that his dream will come true.

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