Irene Chong

CEO at Sunrise Group

Class of 2011

"TIEMBA has been pivotal in my career advancement and personal development. The LDP helped me to re-discover myself through the feedback of my peers and business associates and identified the leadership areas that I could strengthen on as part of leadership development."

Innovative Learning Environment

The TIEMBA programme has been designed to truly equip global business leaders for a changing world. In order to be reflective of reality, the programme employs an emphasis on real-world validation of ideas, and total diversity: National, Industrial, Functional and even your Learning Environment.

Smaller Classes for Greater Engagement

Our classes typically consist of 40 to 45 participants, allowing participants to better engage with one another and their professors. Having a class with such rich experience, you are sure to learn as much from your classmates as you are from the professor. Classes are commonly made up of at least 15 different nationalities from a broad range of industries and functional backgrounds, resulting in a rich and diverse learning experience for everyone.

A Focus on General Management Skills

Diversity of industry and job function amongst programme participants aids in the key transition from department manager to business manager. The TIEMBA will help you take what you know about your specialisation and develop that into a more holistic management skill-set. TIEMBA graduates will be ready to make wise business decisions about the overall health of the company, decisions that impact all areas of business.

Guided Discussion to Explore Ideas

Most sessions will include time for guided discussion as an enriching learning method. As a participant, you will discuss ideas about implementing your learnings in the real world, and broach issues you've encountered professionally in the past. Professors ensure an open forum for participants to challenge ideas as they would in the workplace.

Simulation of Real Business Problems

As part of the TIEMBA programme, you'll have the opportunity to simulate real-world business issues. Simulations include both computer-based and experiential simulations, enabling you to exercise and build on your management and analytical skills.

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