The Leadership Development Programme

While other programmes provide leadership courses, the TIEMBA offers a programme-long, customized process that follows – and shapes – your personal and professional development. Delivered by the world-famous INSEAD Global Leadership Centre (IGLC), it combines a whole range of innovative activities designed to bring out the leader within you.

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is founded on the belief that leadership is much more than just management. Today's leaders must strike a balance between reflection and action to help their organizations adapt to the unknown. They must be flexible, aware of context and able to adjust their leadership style to the situation. Just as importantly, they must know themselves and understand their impact on others.

Provided in collaboration with faculty and coaches from IGLC, the LDP will provide you the tools and environment you need to grow as a leader. Together with your TIEMBA colleagues and guided by an executive coach, you will be part of a learning group whose diverse members will support, encourage and challenge each other throughout the programme. As a result, you will define ways to increase your effectiveness by broadening your behavioral leadership repertoire.

Ultimately, the LDP will allow you to develop your own unique and authentic leadership style. The process is enriched through teambuilding activities, self-reflective guided exercises, focused teaching, and both group and individual coaching sessions. Throughout the programme, we invite a broad cross-section of industry leaders to speak and answer your questions at Leader Forums, exclusive to TIEMBA audiences. In addition, a peer exchange enables you to shadow another TIEMBA participant at work. You will analyze each other's communication and management styles – again resulting in constructive feedback for further improvement.

The Leadership Development Programme culminates in an extensive personalized development plan, designed to continue the process long after you have graduated. A personal, intimate part of the programme, the LDP is often heralded as a highlight of the TIEMBA.

LDP overview and learning methods


Academic Content

  • Coursework

    Various courses include some leadership content. The organisational behaviour core course begins and frames the process while elective options complement leadership development.

  • Teaching sessions

    LDP teaching sessions address specific leadership topics, such as leadership styles, adaptive leadership and competing commitments.

Live Forums

  • GEMBA Leaders Forum

    The EMBA Leaders Forum invites senior executives and CEOs to address the class and offer testimonies regarding their lives and leadership roles. The setting is informal with time for Q&A.

  • Peer Exchange

    You will have the opportunity to form a Peer Learning relationship with another participant. It will enable you to learn from each other by sharing experiences, spending time discovering each other’s professional or entrepreneurial context, or joining your Learning Partner in other purposeful and enriching social or cultural activities.

Interactive Coaching

  • Experimental teamwork training

    You will participate in a day of outdoor activities that will provide you with insights into teamwork and opportunities for self-development.

  • 360-degree feedback

    Using 360° feedback instruments such as the Global Executive Leadership Inventory (GELI), a personality audit and bio questionnaires you will be able to increase your self-awareness and, as a result, define a learning agenda for expanding your leadership repertoire.

  • Group Coaching

    Together with 3-4 other EMBA fellows, you will create a "learning community" whose members will support, encourage and challenge each other during the entire LDP journey. An experienced IGLC executive coach will facilitate the initial coaching day and will accompany you and your group at different stages of your development over the course of the LDP. There will also be opportunities for one-to-one interactions with your executive coach.

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