Programme Overview

As a working professional, the TIEMBA programme offers you the opportunity for further development without having to pause your career. You will be on campus, typically for a week-long session, every six weeks. Overall you will spend a total of 12 weeks on campus spread across 18 months.

02 Degrees

One of the unique benefits of participating in the TIEMBA programme is that you'll graduate with two degrees from two of the world's most competitive business schools. These are powerful flags to wave around the world.

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18 Months Total Duration, 12 Weeks on Campus

The TIEMBA requires you to spend just 12 weeks on campus, spread over 18 months. This structure allows you to immediately implement your key learnings in the workplace, before commencing further modules.

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10 Modules

On-campus sessions commence in June, and occur monthly or bi-monthly through January.

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04 Campuses

In line with our focus on cultural diversity, the TIEMBA provides you the opportunity to learn on all three INSEAD campuses, plus Tsinghua's campus in Beijing. Regardless of where you live in the world, the diversity amongst your classmates, the faculty, and the local in-country environment with be pivotal to your development as a global business leader.


Tsinghua University, Beijing, China: 6 weeks

Spend six weeks studying in dynamic Beijing, the political, cultural and educational hub of one of the world's largest emerging markets.

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INSEAD Asia campus, Singapore: 3 weeks

Develop a valuable network in Southeast Asia's fast-growing business hub, with three week-long modules in Singapore.

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INSEAD Europe campus, Fontainebleau, France: 2 weeks

Focus on your personal development with 2 weeks at the global institute's breath-taking flagship European campus.

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INSEAD, Abu Dhabi, UAE: 1 week

Experience business in the Middle East with a week at INSEAD's newest campus in one of the world's fastest growing economies.

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Managerial Competence


The TIEMBA programme serves as a timely career boost. As you begin encountering increasingly broad business issues, you will need to develop an organisation-wide approach to problem-solving. Our curriculum will help fill the gaps in your existing skill set, facilitating a more integrated view of business.

Global Mindset


Building on Tsinghua's and INSEAD's rich international culture, the TIEMBA helps you develop a keen awareness of economic, social and political trends while encouraging curiosity and cultural sensitivity. From the first session, you'll begin to experience the benefits of a truly deep and broad network that stays with you for life.

Leadership & Personal Development


As well as possessing the business acumen to solve complex business problems, business leaders must be effective in articulating meaningful goals and mobilising the people around them. The TIEMBA employs a strong focus on developing the interpersonal skills crucial to organisation and team leadership. Learn how to harness your ambition and drive innovation.

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