Nico Ranke

CFO/Director Finance and Administration at BMW Russland Trading OOO

Class of 2012

"The international environment created by students and professors gave me deeper insight into the success factors of doing business in Asia. The most memorable lectures were on Organizational Behaviour, which led to very interesting and active class discussions that covered areas such as Corporate Finance, Innovation and Leadership in Asia."

TIEMBA's Prominent Position

INSEAD and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management are regarded as two of the most prestigious international business schools in the world, so it is not surprising that the unique Tsinghua-INSEAD dual-degree Executive MBA (TIEMBA) programme has become the leading EMBA programme globally.

The TIEMBA programme has recently been recognised for its high post-study salary increase potential, high level of diversity both for students and faculty, as well as its high percentage of faculty with doctorates. TIEMBA’s strength in these areas is reflected in the programme being ranked at #2 in the Financial Times Executive MBA rankings for 2016.

Aimed at executives and professional managers worldwide, the strategic location of the TIEMBA programme offers participants a unique opportunity to build business acumen with specific exposure to Asian markets. In particular, while the course is global, it has a special focus on China, which is a common ground in today's ever-changing economic and business landscape.

"These rankings reflect our graduates' success and impact as well as the talent of our participants. Furthermore, they are testament to the efforts of the faculty and staff in creating a truly exemplary management education programme. To build on our success, we will remain committed to delivering the world's finest management programme," said Yingyi Qian, Dean and Professor of Economics at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.


Launched in 2007, the TIEMBA programme is a first-of-its- kind dual-degree in an intensive format. Students are encouraged to learn from the workplace and spend just 12 weeks on campus throughout the 18 month course. With faculty from both INSEAD and Tsinghua University, the programme offers management wisdom from East to West, which can be put into practice immediately, to hone leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

"Participants in our TIEMBA programme enjoy the highest level of flexibility with INSEAD's unsurpassed multi-campus structure, allowing senior-level executives to advance their knowledge of complex global business frameworks with minimal time away from the office," said Peter Zemsky, INSEAD Deputy Dean, Degree Programmes and Curriculum.

"The programmes offer an authentic global perspective while connecting students to China, a significant growth region for business leaders," Dean Zemsky added.

The international nature of the programme is another key reason for the high global ranking. Both INSEAD and Tsinghua University firmly believe that diversity is a source of learning. As a result, students typically come from over 15 countries, with less than 50% residing within China.

The benefits of this are two-fold: learning throughout the course is enriched by international perspectives and graduates are able to secure a lifelong professional network spanning the globe. Along with the participants’ diversity, TIEMBA offers a truly multi-cultural experience through Tsinghua University's campus in Beijing, and INSEAD's three campuses : in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Fontainebleau, France. ‹ Back